Mania Studios is an Amsterdam based videogame company creating digital art.

Mania Studios is a starting videogame company that is on its way to becoming a truly unstoppable force in the industry, the release of “Neon Wolves” is well on its way. Getting closer day by day to its inevitable release.

The alpha “Neon Wolves” prototype builds will be shared amongst artists, to find and get the right creative people to be a part of the creation process of this current title.

At last, we will work towards the beta builds for the early birds that are interested in the title. With the right people on our side, we will get to realise a single-player campaign, with a storyline consisting of a unique universe with unique characters, told through gameplay and comic book-like cutscenes; all powered by Unreal Engine 4.

For the individuals interested in becoming a part of the creation process of this videogame, check out the collaboration page  or visit our Discord  server.