Mania Studios is looking for artists and collaboration

Mania Studios is looking for niche artists and collaboration for “Neon Wolves” that have one or more of the following skills, that are passionate about and have fun with it:

– Voice actors that have access to good microphones and are willing to experiment around to perfect and realise the voices of the characters in the game, ranging from battleship captains to fleet commanders. The dialogue could be serious, satirical, comical or even cartoon-like; this fictional game has a lot of room for improvisation and experimentation
– Digital artists for concept art and also for creating story-telling cutscenes that will be displayed in between missions as interactive digital comic book pages with voice acting and sound effects.
– A 3D modeller for the creation of low poly sci-fi city buildings with PBR textures. Ultimately exporting sizeable chunks with different LOD levels.

If you have a different skillset than mentioned here but would still love to be a part of this project you should get in contact either way to see what we can do!

For questions or more information about these remote jobs and collaboration, do not hesitate to get in contact.

Send an email to or get in contact through Discord.